This is just a sampling of the websites we have built from 2016 to 2017:

Premium Audio

The Camera Shop

The Online Marketplace

Fun Toyz

Audio Excellence

At Home Gym

The Print Shop

The Mall of the Internet

(This was how it used to look in 2017)

The Mall of the Internet

(This is their new look as of December 2018)

The E-Book Store

The World Wide Web

The Flower Shop


Click here to see images of websites we created in 2018.

Click here to see what websites we have built in 2019.

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– Alternative Online Marketing, LLC


“Without Other Business Ventures we would still be without a website and be out of business. Thank you Other Business Ventures for being up to the challenge.”

– The Mall of the Internet, LLC


Copyright 2016 – 2019 Other Business Ventures

Copyright 2016 - 2019 Other Business Ventures