SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is a great way to help get your website or parts of it to be seen by others.

Think about how you find an article or website of interest if you do not know the name or website address. You do a keyword search into your favorite search engine and you brings back a list of websites to choose from. If you want others to find your website you need to work on SEO.

This feature can be done if you have installed and activated a plugin that deals with SEO. If you have then you can on any page or post on your website add a keyword pertaining to that page or posts topic. Depending on the plugin used you might add the keyword into the plugin (found in the dashboard) or perhaps you simply scroll down some on the page or post you are working on and enter it there.

We prefer to use either “All in One SEO Pack” or “Yoast SEO.” Both are free plugins (if using the basic features) or you can upgrade to the Pro versions for additional features.




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