Basic Hosting Plan


A basic hosting plan. Install your own apps, build your own pages using WordPress. Includes 3 email addresses configured for you.

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  • When paying for this plan you are being charged for one (1) year.
  • Word Press website with C Panel login.
  • A store page as your main website page. You will need to add your own products for them to show up here.
  • A blog page ready for you to develop.
  • An about page ready for you to develop.
  • A generic policies page. Just add your answers to the topics provided. Delete any topics you wish and add any others that we did not already cover.
  • Access to our Knowledge base on our website for assistance.
  • Links on our Knowledge base to assist you with WooCommerce and Elementor.
  • 3 Free email accounts created for you complete with separate logins. Emails will be: [email protected](your domain name), [email protected](your domain name) and i[email protected] domain name.
  • Free updates of Word Press as needed.

No apps are included. It will be up to you to find and install apps of your choice. We recommend the following ones for most e-commerce sites:

  • Woo Commerce. E-commerce software (your store on your website) that accepts both Stripe and PayPal.
  • Stripe. Credit card processor that works with Woo Commerce. All of this is free to use and easy to setup. Stripe only charges when a sale is made off your website.  They charge (as of 2018) .30 cents per order plus 3% of the total sale. There are no startup, activation or monthly fees for this service.
  • Traffic. Used to see how many visitors you have coming to your site and where they come from.
  • Caching. This helps to speed up the loading of your website.
  • Elementor. A drag and drop site builder designed to work with Word Press. Use it for specific pages or all pages if you want. This gives you more customization options to your website.
  • Social Media icons. Configurable to take visitors to your social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more).
  • SEO (search engine optimization). This is crucial to being found online in keyword searches.
  • Form Builder. This is configured for you so your customers can email you.
  • Up Draft Plus. Free backup utility. You will need to configure it.

This hosting option is ideal for anyone who just needs a quick affordable and reliable web host and site without needing to pay for tech support. Instead the help is all in our free knowledge base.

  • On this plan we do not offer domain name (website purchases) therefore you must purchase one somewhere else and then with their assistance point the DNS to our name servers. We recommend Go Daddy for domain name purchasing. They are the worlds largest domain name registrar. They provide free documentation on their website on how to do the domain name pointing. If needed they can help over the phone for free and are available 24/7.
  • Once you have pointed the DNS to our name servers we will be able to build you a website using that domain name and also include free email addresses tied to that domain name. You will still own the domain name even though it will be pointed to our name servers.
  • Please let us know via email ([email protected]) once the domain name has been pointed to us so we can to building your website. Keep in mind it can take up to 48 hours for a domain name to propagate (transfer to the new dns servers). This is an industry standard time frame however in most cases it happens much sooner (usually only a few hours).
  • In the email to us please tell us your name, website address and date of purchase so we can match it up to our records and get started on this for you. On average it takes us between 30 minutes to an hour to complete the website for you. However, with this special price we ask that you give us 48 hours from the time you email us for us to get this done due to the expected number of websites we will be building for customers. Once we have completed it on our end we will email you that it is complete and include your login information. Please put the login information in a safe place so you do not lose it. In the event that you do lose the login information you can always email us (from one of the email addresses that we created for your website) and ask for us to provide you the information.
This plan includes a small discrete text link in the footer indicating our hosting company. Upon clicking on the link our website will open up in a new tab. This text link is necessary for us to remain profitable by increasing our potential customer base.
If you cancel service with us:
Your new web host will need your login information to access your site and copy it to their servers. After that it is up to you to point your domain name to your new web host in order to have your website continue to be online. Please not that if you choose to cancel our hosting service all emails will be lost. We suggest printing or forwarding any emails you wish to keep before you cancel service with us.