Once you click on “appearance” from the “dashboard” you can choose to change your theme or select”customize,” “widgets,” or “menus.” See below:

A “theme” is the layout of your website indicating how it will look and work. There are thousands of themes to choose from, most are free.

“Customize” lets you edit certain parts of the theme you are using. Every theme is different and so because of this the options in “customize” will vary. Generally you can add a logo, add a favicon, add a tagline, and edit some colors. Be sure to publish this to save your changes.

“Widgets” allow you to add certain options to a website and also choose where they might be located. To use this screen you will simply drag and drop the “widgets” one at a time and then click save/update (if applicable).

“Menus” are used to determine what pages you have created are to be visible to someone looking at your website. If the page you create is not in the “menu” you are using then it is considered a hidden page (providing the page has been published). Be sure to test your live site to confirm that the pages you created can actually be seen by others. Some themes support the creation of sub-pages. If so you can set them up in the “menus” page. To do this you will need to add the page (done on the left side of the screen) and then drag it under the other page (this part is done on the right hand side of the screen). An example might be something like this: your main page is “about us” and the sub page for it is “contact us.” This means that on your website if a visitor hovers their mouse over the “about us” link they will also see under it the “contact us” page as an option to click on.




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